River Roads Lutheran School
8623 Church Road | Saint Louis, MO 63147-1922  

Phone: 314-388-0300    Fax: 314-388-3253

We give thanks to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, for He is good and His mercy endure forever!

As Principal of River Roads Lutheran School, I am excited to share our programs and services with you.  We believe River Roads Lutheran is a place where your child can grow in God's grace and receive a quality Christian education. Our ultimate goal is to develop Disciples and provide a safe environment where your child is excited about learning and becoming a Christian leader.  As you browse our website, we hope you are inspired to contact us and inquire how you can become one of our partners and laborers in the educational vineyard.  Our doors are always open and we have an easy registration process.  After 17 years of service,  I still believe and trust in God that the "Best is Yet to Come!!"

In Christ,

Yvonne M. Boyd

Carlisha Harris, PreK Teacher
Jessica Morton (Prater), PreK Teacher Aide
Rhonda Ford, Kdg. Teacher
Carol Bailey, 1st-2nd Grade Teacher
James Mitchell, 3rd-4th Grade Teacher
Lacee Dupart, 5th Grade Teacher
Karen Graham, 6th-8th Grade Teacher Aide

Message from Our Principal…
Ms. Yvonne Boyd - Principal/Development
Ms. Tracy Williams, Secretary 

Shirley Cobb and Christine Stratmann - 
Part-Time Finance Manager

Gerald Cole - Part Time Maintenance

Ms. Linda Johnson - Part-Time Cook

Sam Campbell - Before Care/Property Manager
Ida Odom, Music Consultant, Chapel/Devotions/Piano

Counselor:  MIchelle Marshall
Title 1 Teacher:  Quinita Cole
Speech Consultant:  Erin Gwaltney, First Choice
Distinguished School Board Members

Pastor Jonathan Lewis, Interim President 

Diann Lampe, Secretary

Shamel Robinson, Committee Member

 Samuel Campbell, Committee Member

Stacy Franklin, Vice President

Brandi Starks, Treasurer