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Billy Becos 
Bellefontaine Neighbors, MO
Class Of 1979

I work for a major union truckline company located on Hall Street, in St. Louis City. I have been employed with them for 16 years. Some of my hobbies include garage sales, collecting and tinkering with my1964 Cadillac convertible. 
Carla Bridgett 
St. Louis, MO
Class Of 1979

Since graduating from RRLS, I have held multiple jobs, from fast food as a teenager to a brief stint in the auto industry, and finally an executive level position with a major corporation.  I am currently self-employed and enjoy spending time with my two children and two adorable grandchildren.
Where Are They Now?
Nathan Dear 
St. Peters, MO
Class Of 1984

I'm a full-time employee of the Fort Zumwalt School District.  Over the years, life has taken me many places and I have met many people, but I can never forget the caring teachers or the special friends I made at River Roads Lutheran.
Some of you have only left RRLS a few of years ago, while many alumni have been gone for decades; never-the-less; we would love to hear from you.  Please let us know how your status: name, city of residence, graduating class/year, career and the positive impact River Roads Lutheran School has had on your life and/or career.  

Most Importantly, now that you have found us, please keep in touch.  You can update your information with us: by phone, mail/email, or by dropping by our office during normal business hours.  You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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