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Welcome to Our Pre-Kindergarten Page

 Ms. Odom,
Classroom Teacher

​Religion and Memory:
Continue learning about prayers through expressing thanks and concerns.  Grow in faith by using God's Word. Introduce the story of the Boy Jesus.  Introduction the story of the Prayers of Two Men, Luke 18:9-14

"God have mercy on me, a sinner." Luke 18:13

Praise Song: Praise Him, Praise Him!

Fun Place to Learn and Grow

WEEK OF APRIL 11-25, 2016
Assessment week on recognizing alphabets.​
​Assessment week on patterns and recognizing numbers from 11-20, dot to dot and shapes and basic clock-time.  

Fine Motor Skills Activities:  Cutting and tracing straight and wiggly lines.  Art projects using fine motor skills.

Social Studies: 
Continue strengthening their character values through respect of self and others, waiting one’s turn to speak and play, and completing daily tasks.